Monday, December 12, 2011

what's inspiring me lately...

 Olivia Palermo has the most impeccable style I've ever seen. This dress is killer! Those Topshop shoes are awesome also! I have been obsessed with her style ever since I saw her on The City on MTV. 
photo via Topshop Tumblr
Ah, Rumi Neely. My go to girl for when I need some inspiration. When I saw this outfit of hers, I fell in love. Everything is perfect. The burgundy blazer paired with the white slip dress. Looooveee. This winter, I am obsessed with velvet! Velvet loafers, velvet blazers, velvet dresses, etc. It is perfect for the holiday season! 
photo via Bryan Boy
 Elin Kling is my other go to girl for style! Alright, I have a lot, but she is definitely in my top 5! I love the color of her sweater. I am in desperate need of new sweaters for the season. Especially because its actually starting to feel like winter! 
photo via stylebyelinkling
Mary Kate Olsen.... enough said. 
photo via olsensanonymous 

Right now, I'm watching the Art of Getting By with Emma Roberts. I am kind of obsessed with this dream that one day I will have an artist for a boyfriend...and when I wake up, he'll be painting in his little studio apartment with the NYC skyline in the background. (just like a scene from this movie) Is this ever going to happen? Probably not. It is always nice to dream though...

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