Friday, December 9, 2011


 crazy eyebrows...

I am so incredibly tired. This has been one exhausting, test-filled week at school. I am about to pass out as I'm typing this. I can not wait for winter break. It needs to come now! I even slept through my community service I had this morning. My dad woke me and and saw that I couldn't keep my eyes he said that he didn't want me driving. So back to bed I went! I really wanted to do it. It was breakfast with santa. Next one! More people should do community service and help others out, because it feels awesome. My friend Maddy and I are thinking about doing a community service trip this summer to another country. I am really hoping we end up doing it. That would be pretty damn amazing. Anywayyyy, I want to wear these leather pants every single day. I love them. I want more! I also want to cut my hair...but I won't because the last time I did..I cried for about a month. But, I love the look of short, messy hair. I will probably post again tomorrow...or maybe even later tonight!

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