Saturday, December 17, 2011


 Tights seem to be my life savor for the winter. You can pair them under dresses, skirts, and when its freezing out..pants. Earlier this week, it was pretty cold out, so I wore tights under my pants. They kept my bottom half so warm! I would wear this look at a family party or out to dinner with friends! So cute! 
 This is such a great look for NYE. All of the leather is making me giddy! An all black outfit always makes me happy too! This is such a sick outfit. 
 I love this asymmetrical skirt. It looks so great paired with this jacket and booties. Those fur socks are so much fun and look great! They can spice up any outfit! 
 The "throw the jacket over the shoulders" look is so in. It is so effortless and makes any outfit look automatically chic. 
 I love these pants and jacket. Burgundy is such a great color for the season, and I am obsessed with it! That fur jacket is killer. This is is a great party outfit for the holidays! 
This look automatically caught my eye. I love that jacket paired with the silk maxi dress. I've always hated the rule "don't pair blue with black" because the color combination looks so good! This is such an edgy look, especially paired with the hair and makeup. 
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I have always been a huge fan of Topshop. So I was surprised at myself when I realized I have never looked at one of their lookbooks. When I took a looksy at their holiday lookbook, I fell in lookbook-love. After Christmas, I plan to take a trip up to NYC and will definitely stop in their Soho store. I have never been there before, so I am super excited! I also plan to stop at some vintage stores and do some shopping there. 

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