Saturday, October 29, 2011

Black Swan

So, my best friend Maddie and I went to a halloween party tonight. It was pretty fun! We got to hang with some of our friends for a bit. Maddie decided to dress up as a sexy cop, and I went for black swan at the last minute! I made my own costume, which was fairly simple. Well, I wouldn't say I hand made it, but I made it from my and Maddie's clothes! The body suit is from American Apparel, the tutu is Maddie's, and the ballerina slippers are mine. The makeup was pretty easy to do, surprisingly! I slapped on some black eye shadow all over my eye with metallic whiteish eyeliner streaks, and a very dark purple lipstick. I wish I could wear this makeup every single day. Nobody had a camera at the party, so we had to use an iPhone to take these pictures! But, I still think they're pretty good quality pictures (atleast for an iPhone.) Anyway, these last few halloweens haven't been that exciting, but dressing up as Black Swan made it fun! :)....except for taking off the makeup. That part sucked.
*photography by my best friend in the entire world, the beautiful Maddie Haftel*

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