Sunday, January 22, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

 At first, I wasn't as impressed with Angelina Jolie as everyone else was. But, it started to occur to me how beautiful and elegant she looks. She almost doesn't even look human with that body and perfect face. Does she even have a waist?  
 Love her eagle belt with this dress. I think what really drew me to this dress was the shoulder pads. This looks gorgeous on her. 
 Charlize Theron. What a perfect woman. She looks like a greek goddess with amazing Givenchy shoes. This Christian Dior dress is to die for. The hair, dress, body, everything looks amazing. 
 Ah, my girl Rooney Mara. I think everyone knew she was going to wear black, but it's okay..because she looks incredible. I love how she rebelled from typical award show hair...and slicked her hair back in a pony tail. She looks beyond. 
Kate Beckinsale...another perfect woman. She looks insane. She wears this silhouette a lot...but I don't care. It makes her already incredible body..look more incredible. This is an amazing Roberto Cavalli dress. I also don't know how anybody's boobs could look that perfect. Not fair. 

Sorry I'm extremely delayed with the Golden Globes. I wasn't sure if I should have done it or not...but I don't really have anything else to talk about right now, so I did. I hate when I'm uninspired. Such a bad feeling. I love seeing something I love...but that's not happening lately. That will change in February when fashion week comes! Incredibly excited to see all of the new collections for autumn! 

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