Saturday, March 31, 2012

dreaming of summer...

I've been dreaming so much about just needs to be here! I have been very inspired by white lately..just reminds me of how close summer is. It's minimalism and simplicity is just beautiful. It looks great with a tan too! I have an urge to wear a nice crisp white blouse with skinny white pants. Just sounds so good to me! But, mother nature has been such a tease lately. Just a week ago it was 80 degrees...and now its 46 and rainy. Not fair at all. I want to wear shorts again! 

I'm watching the Flyers game right now, and they are making a HUGE come back. I am praying that they can score again in the 3rd and keep the lead. They still have a lot of time, so we'll see how everything plays out! Lalalalallaa xoxo

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