Sunday, March 25, 2012

pastel pleasure

How freaking good are these outfits?! Major inspiration for the spring/summer right here! The mix of the pastels are so amazing..I can't wait to try some of these looks! The red lip+the pony tail make it even better!!

This weekend was really fun! I had to say good bye to my brother Vince who was home for spring break last week. :( It is always sad to watch him go back..but I'll see him again soon! The warm weather went away....also kind of sad. But, on a happy note, spring break starts next week!! I am so excited! During the break, I am going on a million college visits...going to be exhausting, but exciting! I can not believe my junior year of high school is almost over. It is really scary how fast life moves. So make the most of it, and do not regret anything! :) mwah xoxo 

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