Saturday, April 7, 2012

not a fashion post...

I have been looking to re do my room lately. I love looking at room/house decorating. These are some of the things that have inspired me. I really just want to paint all of my room white...get pretty white bedding...and put a punch of candles in my room. Hopefully my father will let me do it! My room just doesnt feel right as of now... Although I have a huge buddha painting that I LOVE. I am actually going to go take a picture of it right now and show you! it is!!! It is huge. It basically takes up my whole wall. It's so freaking cool though. I was so happy when I found it a couple of years ago. I am definitely taking it with me to college...not that it would even fit in a dorm. But, maybe when I get an apartment. Speaking of college, I am going on a bunch of college tours next week! Pretty excited! Oh!! ...And I got a tattoo about two weeks ago! It is of the "padma" symbol...which means lotus flower. It is written in sanskrit (an old Indian language). When I found out the meaning of just seemed incredibly relevant to my life.Spiritually, the lotus flower is incredibly symbolic. As I understand it, in many religions it's regarded as a physical representation of the human soul. The lotus starts it's life beneath the murky waters but eventually blossoms into the most beautiful of flowers basking in sunshine. For me, the significance is profound - it's about rising above the struggle to reach a point of enlightenment. I love it...and I want more...but just a couple more. So..yeah! That is what I have been up to lately.. I am on spring break right now (FINALLY!) Oh, and I got a tumblr. Becoming pretty addicted to it..even though I said I would never get one. Oh well. I have one now. And my brother Vince is home for the weekend! So I am going to be spending a little bit of time with him! :) 

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