Monday, October 1, 2012

Saint Laurent SS 2013

Many reviews conflicted over Slimane's debut Saint Laurent's (previously Yves Saint Laurent) collection. Many said it was way too costumey and lacked the edge the brand was in need of. Others adored the Stevie Nick's-esque collection. Is it a little bit too costumey? Sure. But, fashion is about having fun. I love the 70's rocker-bohemian chic vibe that's going on here. The selection of wide brimmed hats are great and totally in for the fall. The capes are going to be a hit in all of the major fashion magazines. I think the individual pieces are great. Maybe they're just a little too much when styled together. I feel like I have also seen this type of look before in previous collections from various designers, but in my opinion, it is a good, strong look. Very 'sexy cowgirl walking in the streets of Paris.'  I think this collection had all the elements of Yves, but with a rocker-bohemian twist. All around, I thought it was a fun, cool collection. 

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