Saturday, February 25, 2012

shes always buzzing just like neon

My new shoes :) hehe
On the party bus...dancing with my best friend Hailee! 
Maddieee! My best friend! <3 
My girls! 
Maddie and Jason! 
 Some of the best (non-alcoholic) drinks I've ever had. They were peach flavored and so delicious!
My best friend Maddy's brother. Craziest kid I know. 
And of course, the birthday girl! My best friend in the whole world, Maddy. Happy birthday lovely! 

Today was my friend Maddy's birthday. She turned 17 today! I realized I had nothing to wear tonight, so I headed over to the mall. I went into Urban Outfitters and Steve Madden and managed to find some really cute things..including my skirt and my shoes! I am in love with neon colors right now, so this neon laced skirt was perfect! I love the back of it. I also got my hands on these Steve Madden platforms. Weirdly enough, I do not own a simple pair of platforms, so I figured I should get a pair. I had a $50 gift card to Steve Madden, so these shoes (originally $89) turned out to be basaically $39. Pretty sweet deal. I also got a couple other cute things at Urban that I can't wait to wear! 

So, a bunch of our best friends went to the Continental in Philly for dinner. Such amazing food there. We rented a party bus to take us there and home and it was so much fun! Some of us (including myself) got up and danced...even though the bus was moving all over the place. It is quite hard to dance on a moving bus in 5 inch heels and a short skirt. We also somehow managed to run..yes run..up the stairs of the art museum...for no reason. I surprised myself by running up those billions of stairs without falling on my face. But, all in was a really fun night with all of my best friends! 

Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend Maddy! xoxo 

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